What your places say about you

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TrackingAdvisor is an automatic diary of your life. The timeline shows the places you have visited for every day you have participated in the study.

Personal Information

TrackingAdvisor automatically extracts personal information about you from the places you have visited. This will allow you to see what your movements reveal about you.

Battery Use

While TrackingAdvisor consumes battery power by tracking your location, it relies on state-of-the-art energy-efficient location tracking algorithms. 

The team behind TrackingAdvisor

Mirco Musolesi

Principal Investigator

Benjamin Baron

Postdoctoral Researcher

Developed at University College London

TrackingAdvisor is part of a user study carried out by researchers of the Intelligent Social Systems Lab at University College London. It is part of the EPSRC project MACACO EP/L018829/2.

Intelligent Social Systems Lab